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New Work: Newark in 3D

A Centennial Film Commission by Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno and Jerome Bongiorno

New Work: Newark in 3D is the latest project of the award-winning, Newark-based filmmakers Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno and Jerome Bongiorno and was commissioned by the Newark Museum. Inspired by the 1920 avant-garde film Manhatta, which traces a day in the life of early twentieth-century Manhattan from dawn until dusk, the Bongiornos short film captures the rich mosaic of iron bridges, verdant parkland, architectural treasures and lively street life that is present-day Newark. Shot in black-and-white 3D, from unusual vantage points, the film brings a new perspective to a city most people only see from the sidewalks and streets. It pays homage to known landmarks like Military Park and the grand Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart and shines a light on lesser known or hidden gems of the city as well. The films soundtrack—with its richly layered music and poetry created by Newark-based artists—gives one the feeling of being at the center of a diverse and dynamic metropolis.


Doug Doyle chats with filmmakers Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno and Jerome Bongiorno about their new film, New Work: Newark In 3-D. The black-and-white film tour of the city was commissioned by the Newark Museum as part of its centennial celebration.

New Work at the Airport

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Success of two New Jersey filmmakers in creating

a significant 3D production for the Newark Museum 


- David W. Leitner,  millimeter magazine

The Bongiornos are chosen as Arts Honorees for the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Newark Boys Chorus School.Newark_Boys_Chorus_School_Awards_Gala.html
see 3D picsNewark_Boys_Chorus_School_Awards_Gala.html

Comments posted to NYT:

wordman New Jersey January 23, 2014

This film is short, and it is beautiful. Through carefully shot images of the city taken at different heights and angles and times of the day, and a soundtrack of music and poetry that captures the city’s energy, one sees another side of Newark besides just the problems. It’s important for the people to know that there are many strong and vibrant voices in the stew that is Newark, and that filmmakers Marylou and Jerome Bongiorno are among them. Thank you, Newark airport.

City Without Walls Gallery Newark, NJ January 21, 2014

We were honored to have the opportunity to screen "New Work: Newark in 3-D" by Marylou and Jerome Bongiorno at City Without Walls Gallery this past fall.  The film created mindful conversations in our community and we are excited airport travelers and people who are not familiar with Newark get to experience this engaging film about Newark Metropolis.

Judith Newark January 14, 2014

I have seen this fantastic film twice - at the Newark Museum and the airport.  It is a wonderful testament to the city - combining film and poetry to create a picture of a city that has much to offer.

mrizzo camden, nj January 13, 2014

Lucky travelers! I had the opportunity to see Newark: New Work in 3D at the Newark Museum a few years ago and it was sensational (to add to the moment, a group of kids who were in the film were at the screening and their excitement at seeing themselves was infectious). The Bongiornos film is a lovely testament to the beauty that they find in Newark and I commend Newark Airport for making it available to people who may never step foot in the city.

“New Work: Newark in 3D, finally gives Newark its belated city symphony, capturing the city’s vibrancy and beauty in gorgeously-composed shots featuring both its iconic architectural and urban-design highlights, and also the everyday vitality of the city in action.

...You can get a great sense of the rich visual texture here, but you miss the interplay of sound and image. New Work runs to the strains of the Newark Boys Chorus School and the Cathedral Choir and bop narration from local poet Jon Curley, rolling out Newarkific verse about “Amiri B. and me” that perfectly punctuates the scenes and brims over with love for the city.

...With handy 3D glasses passed out to the class, it looked amazing—we were already in Newark, but we were really in Newark”

Dr. Whitney Strub, Rutgers University

“|New Work–and in 3D, at that!

It’s a really wonderful love note to Newark”