Newark Aircraft Noise Issue

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World Health Organization:  “...guideline values for annoyance have been set at 50 or 55 dBA, representing daytime levels below which a majority of the adult population will be protected from becoming moderately or seriously annoyed, respectively.”

Neighborhood Mobilization Meeting 7/13

Using a sound meter, our measurements revealed an average sound level of 75 dBA, with readings sometimes as high as 90 dBA. To date, we have not measured the health effects from noxious emissions.  After a Forest Hill Community Association (FHCA) Air Traffic Committee was formed, a community mobilization meeting was held on June 30, 2013 (detailed in attached article) and a July 15, 2013 meeting was arranged by the FAA with our representative, Sen. Teresa Ruiz, and community members.  We are now working with the PANYNJ on the installation of a noise monitor in our Newark neighborhood.

Starting in November 2012, the aircraft routes of Teterboro arrivals and Newark Airport departures inexplicably changed.  Our once quiet North Ward was now in the direct flight paths of two major airports on North Wind days.  This meant a barrage of constant, very loud aircraft noise that began in the early morning hours and continued non-stop until very late at night.